Charles Lovering

Computer Science PhD Student (NLU).


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Recent Work

  1. Charles Lovering, Rohan Jha, Tal Linzen, Ellie Pavlick. Predicting Inductive Biases of Pre-Trained Models. ICLR, 2021. Github.
  2. Rohan Jha, Charles Lovering, Ellie Pavlick. Does Data Augmentation Improve Generalization in NLP? 2020. PREPRINT.
  3. Charles Lovering, Ellie Pavlick. Self-play for Data Efficient Language Acquisition. 2020. PREPRINT.

Fun Visualizations

Unpublished Work


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Models (expositions)



This site replicates the distill design.

Adobe XD CC for diagrams, D3 for visualizations, and PyTorch for implementations (a plurality of the time).

If a diagram (or notes or presentation) proves useful, let me know (or cite this website)!