Currently, I study emergent communication with the general aim to infuse language learning with causality.


PhD, 2018+ - Natural Language Understanding

I am pursuing my PhD at Brown University (2018) working with Professor Pavlick.

MS, 2017-18 - Natural Language Understanding

Working with my master thesis advisor Professor Whitehill we developed machine learning models to find (extract) evidence for claims made in academic papers.

UG, 2016-18 - Time Series Analysis

As part of a research group at WPI, we developed a series of theoretical frameworks for time series analysis and search. We further implemented efficient systems demonstrating these concepts. The focus of our team's research was to leverage a conditional triangle inequality between dynamic time warping and euclidean distance to build a highly accurate and fast system for searching through time series data sets. More information can be found in our website.



Summer 2018 - Software Engineering Intern


Fall 2017 - Research Intern


Summer 2017 - Software Engineering Intern

Silicon Labs

Summer 2016 - Software Engineering Intern


Summer 2015 - Software Engineering Intern



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